Date Stamp


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Print-time date and time stamping and watermarking for Adobe Reader

Type: Acrobat Reader plug-in
Version: 2.32
Windows: Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat 3.* or later
Linux: Adobe Reader 3.* to 7.*

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Date Stamp

Date Stamp

Date Stamp enables PDF documents to be ‘stamped’ or ‘watermarked’ with a date/time and text message when they are printed to any printer from Acrobat or Adobe Reader. This is an ideal solution for organisations that need to keep track of the date that a document was printed, so that individuals can see whether it is up to date, or for how long it is valid. Ideal for use in regulated environments, it is widely in use in aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.

† A fault in Acrobat 8 meant that Date Stamp only worked with PostScript printers in that version, but this was fixed in Acrobat 9.

Custom Stamps

The text message(s) printed on each page can be customised by the system administrator (or user). Each text string is called a stamp (although it can be a watermark), and can be made up of multiple text lines. Multiple stamps can be defined for printing on each page. The following properties can be specified for the stamps:

If Date Stamp is left un-customised the string ‘Printed on <date> <time>’ (e.g. ‘Printed on 19 Sep 2018 09:45’) is printed at the bottom of every page.

If Date Stamp is customised with user-defined stamps, the stamps can include variables to be replaced at print-time. These variables include:

See the support pages for examples of custom stamps.

Advanced Features

There are other advanced options to provide additional control to the stamping process:

Latest Release Notes

This release also fixes a problem with stamps at the top and bottom of the page not always showing when the shrink to fit option is enabled during printing.

¹ See the Change History section in the Date Stamp Online Guide for a list of all changes.

² Note that customers using Adobe Reader 10.0.* will need to upgrade to Adobe Reader 10.1 as there was a fault with version 10.0.* resulting in documents not printing as expected.