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Please use the on-line support centre as your first port of call for any query on Options. If you have a query which is not addressed here, or a suggestion for an enhancement to the product or these pages please tell us.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check if the product is correctly installed?

You can check if the product is correctly installed with the serial number by clicking on Acrobat’s Help | About Third Party Plug-ins | About Options... menu item. This will show the serial number (if correctly registered), else the phrase “(evaluation)”.

I entered the serial number, but the about box shows “evaluation”

If you have previously installed the evaluation version of the product, you should first uninstall from Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs, and then re-install and enter the serial number again.

If it still shows “evaluation” in the about box, go to Acrobat's Help | Plug-in Help | Register Options... menu item and enter the serial number there. After re-starting Acrobat it should then show as correctly registered with the serial number.

Evaluation Version Restrictions

The evaluation (demo) version of Options is a fully-functional version except that it: